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Speed and agility with Robotic Process Automation

The speed and agility at which information is processed and distributed across a company’s information eco-system is a distinct competitive advantage.

The challenge businesses face is that information is spread across many internal and external sources, including customer and supplier portals, legacy green-screen applications, public websites, enterprise applications and Excel spreadsheets.

Integration across these systems is often complex and the majority of companies are still managing much of their information using labor-intensive manual processes.


Smart Robotic Process Automation (Smart RPA)

Smart Robotic Process Automation (Smart RPA) automates manual, repetitive, information-driven processes in the ever changing environment of the modern enterprise.

Smart RPA can automate your business processes in hours. As the time to market is low it will make business sense to automate even manual processes only performed a few hours per week. This will secure a high service level and eliminate human errors. Enterprises can also build business rules into processes so that automated decision making can occur – even with real-time, high volume and unstructured data. Information critical to the business is now acquired, enhanced and delivered across the enterprise ecosystem to be used in innovative ways to achieve competitive advantage.



How many employees do you have who spend every day copying and pasting data between systems and applications such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, IBM 3270 green-screen terminal applications, email, external web portals, and any other application?

Globalization, ever changing supply-chain partners and the increasing number of partners demanding communication via their web portal mean that information flow in today’s supply-chain is more challenging than ever.

Transportation and logistics companies are increasingly being pressed on prices from customers while at the same time freight contractors demand higher prices for their services.



Arrow relies on Kofax Kapow™ to better integrate with key suppliers, shorten cycle times, assure data accuracy and increase customer and employee satisfaction.

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Transportation and Logistics

Leveraging Kofax Kapow™, Trinity Logistics cut costs by as much as 90%. Renewed focus on exception handling yielded demonstrable efficiency and cash flow benefits.

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