BEC SmartRPA Customer

BEC’s RPA team has worked with SmartRPA Since 2016.

”We found that SmartRPA with their Authentication and Audit Trail management capabilities, could satisfy the strict security and compliance requirements of supplying a single RPA platform in a multi tenant environment with more than 20 separate financial institutions in Denmark. Additionally we favored a platform where robot’s can be service enabled so we have the ability to add new functionality to our employee portal quick and with no coding. SmartRPA Kapow’s REST feature enables us to do just that.”
– Flemming Hansen, Development Manager, BEC

The SmartRPA BEC RPA solution includes

– High Availability Enterprise Kofax Kapow RPA
– Authentication Management
– Scalable Server solution that facilitates hundreds of robots.

BEC is a Danish full service IT-house for the banking industry. They have 50 years of experience in developing and operating IT to financial companies. BEC has 713 employees. In 2017 the company had a revenue of DKK 1,539 million.