COOP SmartRPA Customer

COOP’s RPA team has worked with SmartRPA Since 2016.

“After initially running both SmartRPA Kapow and another major RPA product inhouse we wanted to settle on a single-vendor corporate RPA platform which could serve a large distributed organisation like Coop. After a thorough technical and commercial evaluation it turned out, that the SmartRPA Kapow platform technically was the best fit for a large organisation like Coop Danmark and by far had the best ROI and lowest TCO.”
– Kasper Storm, Head of Unit – Business Productivity Tools, COOP Denmark

The SmartRPA COOP RPA solution includes

– High Availability Enterprise Kofax Kapow RPA
– Authentication Management
– Scalable Server solution that facilitates automation in the whole enterprise

Coop Danmark A / S is a retail company in Denmark with a market share of 38%. Coop Danmark, together with its independent utility associations, has annual sales of approximately DKK 50 billion, 1200 stores and 38,000 employees (2018).