Jyske Bank

Jyske Bank SmartRPA Customer

Jyske Bank’s RPA team has worked with SmartRPA Since 2016.

“Jyske Bank started using SmartRPA Catalyst in 2017. SmartRPA Catalyst is today a central solution in our automation infrastructure, automating manual work-processes and serving as a bridge between our RPA and BPM. At Jyske Bank we take advantage of most of the automation capabilities provided by the SmartRPA Catalyst platform including security, orchestration and management. In short, we let SmartRPA Catalyst automate our RPA automation.”

– Henning Nørremose Paulsen – Senior Arkitekt – Jyske Bank

The SmartRPA Jyske Bank RPA solution includes

– SmartRPA Catalyst

Established in 1967, Jyske Bank is the second largest bank in Denmark with close to 1 million customers and 4,000 employees.