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Why settle for normal when passion can give you special?

We believe passion gets the best out of people. And we are very passionate about automation! We love pushing boundaries within automation technology and value driven solutions, which is why we are so good at it. We mix dedication and professionalism with the right tools to help help companies gain competitive advantages and become leaders in their own industries.


The Home of Experts

Dedication, professionalism and true expertise in automation solutions sets us apart.


Replace Complexity with Excellence

We create innovative and value driven solutions to scale automation benefits, whilst establishing a stable and resilient foundation to avoid scaling automation problems.


To Unlock the Full Potential of Technology and People

Automation is the future of work. When properly used, automation solutions allow people to perform high value tasks and drive innovation. We aim to deliver just that – the full potential of technology that releases the full capability of people.

Flemming Weber

Founder & CEO

”Constantly pushing the boundaries of automation excellence really excites me”​

Stefan Andreasen

Founder & Chief Evangelist

”I never know what I will do next month. I love it”​

Klaus Grønbæk

“Creating world-class automation technology is what I live for.”

Tim Mosholt

Strategy Officer
“Seeing our customers get the most out of their automation program is super rewarding”

Shail Khiyara

Board Member
“Great to be part of a team with unparalleled domain expertise and an outstanding product offering.”

Sofia Rennerståhl

Marketing Director

“Being part of an international expansion is so interesting”

Wanted: Bold thinkers, experts and changemakers​

We love surrounding ourselves with dedicated people that believe in their own talent and possibility to grow. Join us if you want to make real impact. Come shine with us.​

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Live Our Five Values

To unlock the full potential of technology and people, we are guided by five principles that are the cornerstones in how we conduct business and interact with our most valuable assets – our team and clients. These cornerstones help us achieve stability and scalability both internally and for our clients and prerequisites for achieving growth in our people and value in our projects

SMART (Sustainability, Motivation, Adaptability, Reliability, Transparency) is our DNA and  go-to-guide when delivering solutions and developing software. 


Commitment to sustainable practices in all aspects of business operations, including environmental stewardship and social responsibility.


Encouraging and fostering a culture of motivation, ambition, and dedication among employees to achieve individual and organizational goals.


Embracing change and demonstrating flexibility to adapt to evolving market conditions, technological advancements, and customer needs.


Commitment to being dependable, trustworthy, and consistent in delivering quality products, services, and experiences to customers and stakeholders.


Commitment to transparency in communication, decision-making, and business practices, fostering trust and accountability among stakeholders.

Our Unique History

The first seed of SmartRPA was planted already in the 1990’s, when automations were not even a concept. The team developed a world-renowned data process integration platform, helping companies automate hundreds of thousands of processes. Having sold that technology to a major industry player in the automation world, our team went on to new pastures…

When RPA was coming of age and more and more companies were using robot process automations, it became clear that achieving successfully automated processes was not a reality for the majority. High maintenance, cumbersome operations, poor utilization of licenses and infrastructure not to mention ineffective automations all-round made us get back to finding solutions to all the challenges we could see clients struggled with. And so, we started developing again, In 2015, SmartRPA was formed, and in 2016 we launched Catalyst, now a world-renowned software platform that stabilizes, optimizes and scales automation programs through elements such as insights, dashboards, intelligent orchestration, multi vendor integrations, AI and much more. Catalyst is an embodiment of over 20 years of experience and best-of-breed methodology and technology and a great compliment to SmartRPA Professional Services.

With two decades of delivering innovative and cutting-edge solutions to streamline and scale intelligent automation projects, we see ourselves as the grandfather of RPA – a pedigree we are very serious about maintaining. With dedication and professionalism, we use our expertise to help our customers strengthen their competitive advantage, fully embrace their human resources and become leaders in their own industries.

Today, SmartRPA is a trusted partner for dozens of the most successful enterprises in Europe. We have customers across all industries all over the world with a heavy footprint in Banking, Insurance, Logistics, Governmental, Retail and Manufacturing.

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