SmartRPA Mainframe Connector

Kofax Kapow makes access to IBM 3270 based application with a built-in device automation interface where navigation is done entirely using key strokes like tab, PF, etc. This makes it difficult to develop robot against 3270 applications and hard to make these robots robust.

The SmartRPA Mainframe Connector deliver a server-side point-and-click interface to 3270 apps for easy and robust automation using the classic work-flow engine.

SmartRPA Mainframe Connector Highlight compared to Kofax Kapow

  • Industry leading 3270 automation robustness
  • Navigate by clicking with mouse like web browser, tab navigation is also supported
  • Field-based and row/column-based navigation
  • Connect to IBM TN3270 protocol interface with support for IBM security protocols
  • Full support for colors, screen size and languages
  • No Device Automation and no external terminal emulator needed
  • Does not use java-script, to limit KCU usage

An additional challenge with automating 3270-based processes is that the advanced user-role configuration system delivered by IBM allows the same application to morph screen layouts almost at a per-user level. To address this, SmartRPA Mainframe Connector can define anchor points based on non-changing lead texts as shown in the picture for robust automation. High level screen components such as fields, colors, etc, are also available for ultimate robustness.

When developing a software robot with SmartRPA Kapow, interaction with the IBM application is performed in real-time, so you see what you get as you develop and test the software robot.