Design Your RPA Automation

Design Studio is a fully integrated, visual development environment for building automation robots for business process automation. A unique point-and-click editor enables you to generate information workflows in minutes and eliminates the need for writing code. As you build a workflow robot you navigate the live applications just like in a web browser, on a green-screen terminal, and Excel application or work with real-time data using the powerful XML and JSON editor. You can login to any web or green-screen application, extract data from any part of a page, enter data into forms or search boxes, make menu selections, and scroll through multiple pages. Once built, robots are uploaded to a shared repository in the Management. From here, they can be scheduled for batch-execution on a cluster of RoboServers or executed on-demand via an automatically generated REST or SOAP web service.
The Katalyst platform scales to automate even the most demanding and complex manual processes. Its interface engine can handle websites built using dynamic HTML5 techniques, access SQL databases, green-screen application and extract data from Excel, PDF, FTP, web services, and other standard formats. Regardless of where the data resides, you can integrate customer and supplier portals outside the firewall, SaaS applications or internal web applications.
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