Manage Your RPA Solution

The Smart RPA Management Console provides web-based governance and monitoring of the Smart RPA Kapow platform. Role-based administration allows secure, granular control over integration projects, access rights, and viewing of workflow results. Administrators can define which users have access to Kapplets in which projects using LDAP or Active Directory. The Management Console also deploys robots as robust REST or SOAP synthetic-API web services, or Kapplet mini web apps, and it automatically creates the APIs needed to invoke, or be invoked by Java or .NET code. The Smart RPA Kapow platform offers all of the capabilities needed for enterprise-grade business process automations. Via the Smart RPA Kapow Management Console, robots can be scheduled and managed while applying the relevant role-based security policies required for governance and compliance. Performance and scalability is achieved by using high-availability, clustered servers deployed on premise or in the cloud and the customers discretion. With Kapow manual process automation project implementation becomes more than possible; it becomes quick, robust and remarkably cost effective.