Process Automation Platform

Smart RPA Kapow provides a new agile way to automate information-driven manual front-office processes into a robust server-side solution. Catering to the needs of both IT and the line-of-business (LOB), Kapow is a secure, scalable manual process automation platform that enables you to extract information from almost any relevant information source, apply business rules to that information and deliver it to wherever and in any format wanted by the business. Where traditional automation solutions can take 3, 6 or even 12 months to develop, Smart RPA Kapow enables the delivery of business process automation solutions in just a few days - if not a few hours.
If you can perform the process manually, you can automate it, it’s that simple. Kapow can also access databases, files, Web Services, FTP servers and Excel, CSV or PDF documents; exporting data from one application and loading it into another; transforming data and applying business rules as necessary along the way. You don't need programming skills, lengthy consulting projects or to wait for APIs to be delivered, when automating with the Kofax Kapow platform. Additionally enables you to publish a scalable robust Synthetic API to any web application or web portal, even when no API exists. Synthetic APIs can be generated without coding as both REST and SOAP web services with XML or JSON format.
The Smart RPA Kapow platform fully supports scalable, secure, 24/7 failover deployments both on-premise and in-the-cloud. Its main components are the Design Studio, used to create automation robots; the Management Console used to deploy, manage, schedule, and monitor the runtime environment; and Kapplets, lightweight web apps that deliver self-service automation across your entire organization.