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SmartRPA offers professional services within SS&C Blue Prism, Tungsten Automation Total Agility and RPA, Microsoft Power Automate, UiPath, Automation Anywhere and SmartRPA Catalyst.
We have delivered more than 1000 processes in all shapes and sizes ranging from process parts to end-to-end processes.
Some of the processes SmartRPA has engineered over the years include Access Revocation, Account Payable, Advanced OCR and Data Extraction for Hyper Automation…​
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Dedication & Professionalism

Our consultants have proven themselves worthy many times over, and with a retention rate of 97%, our customers are as happy as we are. What sets us apart is our passion for automation confounded in an extreme professionalism and dedication to guarantee we always achieve the highest quality of delivery. ​

We have engaged with SmartRPA since 2018 and are very satisfied with the dedication the consultants have demonstrated over and over again. No matter if it has been a really tight deadline or a weekend migration, SmartRPA has always been there for us. SmartRPA are the most professional consultants we have worked with. ​
J. Krans, Afa Försäkring

How Can We Help You?

Fixed package, time and material or training for your team?

Many businesses turn to us because they don’t have access to the skills needed to take their automation goals to the next level. It is always related to their technology installation in one way or another – Pinpointing challenges of current automation program; Learning how to scale RPA; Accelerating hyper automation development, and much more. Let us know where you want to get your automation program and we are sure to be able to make that happen!

Optimize Current RPA &
Accelerate Development

Our implementation experts can advise you on how to optimize your current automation installation and accelerate your business goals.

We are specialists in the platforms Catalyst, Blue Prism, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Microsoft Power Automate and Tungsten Automation. Providing services within enablement, implementation, insights, stability, optimization and advisory.

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Transform RPA to HyperAutomation

Ever wondered why problems occur in your RPA and why you don’t reach HyperAutomation?

We will guide you through the whole journey; From creating a stable foundation with Best-of-Breed-Technology to optimized license usage and smart maintenance and operations. ​

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Insights & Transparency
with AID Advisory

AID Advisory is the quickest way to get your automation estate in order. Get an overview of your program in a heartbeat, gaining valuable insights and make informed decisions to maximize ROI.
Only one day needed. Great results for a fixed price.

Upskill Local Teams in Catalyst

Already have Catalyst and wat to utilize all its capabilities to the fullest? SmartRPA offers classroom training within Catalyst – from product trainings to configuration workshops, letting you improve your skill to master level.​

Not sure what your company needs as the next step? Ask up for a free consultation!

Trusted by the World's Leading Companies

Trusted by the World's Leading Companies

Results That Speak
for Themselves

97% customer retention

SmartRPA Honored as
Best Consultants

As proof of Customer Satisfaction, SmartRPA has the longest consultancy cooperation with customers, with many businesses choosing to use SmartRPA services for 10+ years.

Since 2017, SmartRPA has helped us with the daily operation and implemented several strategic projects. We have only good things to say about the consultants. The dedication and professionalism are fulfilling and exceeding our expectations.​
L. Brunström, Svenska Polisen​

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Lottenborgvej 26
2800 Kgs. Lyngby
Reg. No. 36705345
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+45 42 86 10 00

SmartRPA Sweden

Vasagatan 7
111 20 Stockholm
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SmartRPA offer professional services within SS&C Blue Prism, Tungsten Automation Total Agility and RPA, Microsoft Power Automate, UiPath, Automation Anywhere and SmartRPA Catalyst. 

We have delivered more than 1000 processes in all shapes and sizes ranging from process parts to end to end processes.  

Examples of some of the processes SmartRPA has engineered over the years include: 


Access Revocation
Account Payable
Account Receivable
Account Reset
Accounts Reporting
Ad Monitoring
Advanced OCR and data extraction for hyper automation
Affiliate Review
Application Monitor
Assembly QA
Attendance Management
Auto Replies


Board Disclosures


Call Center On Demand
Campaign Triggers
Chatbot Gateway
Claims System
Competitor Intelligence
Compliance Reporting
Contact Verification
Container Track
Contract SLA Report
Coredata Filesync
Credit Check
Customer Applications
Customer Details
Customer Due Dilligence
Customer Maintenance
Customer Onboarding


Data Aggregate
Delivery Manager
Demand Reports
Demographic Report
Digital Mailroom
Document Archival
Document Extraction
Domain Maintenance
Downtime Events
Downtime Monitor


E-invoicing exception handling
Education Commitments
Eligibility Triggers
Employee Benefits
Employee Onboarding
Employment Verification
Engineering Change Control
ERP Migrations
Escalation Track
Event Monitoring
Expense Reporting
External Access Setup
External Dataload


Feedback Follow Up
Fileshare Cleanup
Fleet Management
Fraud Monitor Internal
Fraud Monitor Products
Freight Order
Funds Transfer


Government Approvals
Government Verifications


Health Insurance


Inbound Orders
Incident Flags
Inventory Management
Invoice Generation
Invoice Processing
Invoice Reconciliation
Invoicing processing
Issue Tracking Integration 


Key Accounts
KYC processing


Legacy Data Migration
License Renewal
License Validation
Line QR Backend
Log Collection


Mailbox Monitors
Mailbox surveillance
Markets Analysis
Master Data Refresh




Offhours Distribution
Online Registrations
Order confirmation
Order Processing
Order Tracking


Parental Leave Registration
Performance Reports
Portal integration
Portal Merges
Press Alerts
Price Match
Price Monitor
Product Performance


Quick Jobs
Quote Calculation


Refund Handler
Report Manager
Return Payments
Return Processing
Risk Rating Monitor


Salary Tax Review
Sales Orders
Satisfaction Monitor
Self Service Migration
Server Monitor
Service Booking
Service Level Reporting
Service Reminders
Shipment Schedule
Sick Leave Reports
Social Media Monitoring
Social Responsibility Tracker
Software Review
Sourcing Analysis
Stock Program
Subscription Management
Subsidy Claims
Supplier Site Migration
Supply Planning


Targets Maintenance
Training Sites


Upsell Opportunities
User Termination


Vacation Planner
Vendor Maintenance
Vendor Onboarding
Vendor Portal
Vendor statement management


Warehouse Status
Welcome Packets
Work Orders

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