A Catalyst to drive HyperAutomation

Get customized advice on how to transform stagnating RPA to revolutionary HyperAutomation. Learn how to only scale automation benefits – not problems. 

Ever wondered why problems occur in your RPA and why you don’t reach HyperAutomation? We will guide you through the whole journey; from creating a stable foundation with Best-of-Breed-Technology to optimized license usage and smart maintenance. ​

The Guiding Star

HyperAutomation is a concept that for many enterprises is the guiding star in automation ambitions. It is a natural extension of the technological evolution of process automation, where RPA commenced the journey with rigid, rule based and frequently repeatable actions, that focused on granular parts of a process such as data gathering.
At SmartRPA we have the expertise and technological means to make HyperAutomation realistic to achieve. ​
This is how:
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We bring your fundamentals in order. Gain insights and transparency to the automation estate and the values and issues it brings. ​

We ensure your automations run perfectly within their deadline. Transforming processes into stable and resilient automations, with no operational overhead or maintenance frustrations. ​

By optimizing processes, licenses, desktops and running costs, we can shift focus from maintenance to development, flexibility, end-to-end processes and scale!

Intelligent Automation has for years been the next step on the automation ladder, imbedding cognitive elements and NLP to add flexibility in processes and having the capacity to better understand content and data being automated. ​

The final step – HyperAutomation – encapsulates rapid scale, expansion of processes to be end-to-end, involving best of breed technologies, multiple vendor strategies with human and AI interaction that must be accurately orchestrated in an as-optimized environment as possible. Which, in all honesty – in no small feat.

SmartRPA Makes HyperAutomation Realistic to Achieve

Luckily, there is a way to solve this in a fast and simple manner – a Catalyst to drive HyperAutomation and make it realistic to achieve. At SmartRPA we have all the components needed to rapidly transform existing automation projects into HyperAutomation success.
The key to achieving this is having the fundamentals in order on each aspect of automation excellence. That means having the insight and transparency into the automation estate as a whole, and the value and issues with automation processes on their own.
It means having resilient automations that run perfectly within their deadline and which doesn’t cause operational overhead and maintenance frustrations.

It means optimizing automations so that they are as lean as possible, requiring the least number of licenses, Desktops and costs to run. Then and only then, can scale commence with focus being on development, time to value, management backing and more that sees automations scale in numbers, complexity and reach across the enterprise. 

We ensure you do no scale automation problems, but scale automation success.

SmartRPA Professional Services provides you with the flexibility needed to build the best automations, keep them running at lowest costs, and free up time for developers to ensure more automations get built. ​

The path to hyper-automation: Insight to stabilize to optimize to scale.
No matter where on the automation journey you are, we will expand your automation capabilities and drive HyperAutomation.

The Benefits for Stakeholders

We do not only help with multiple technical challenges in automation work, but we also bring benefits to stakeholders across the enterprise.​

Thanks to eminent consultants and the world-famous technology Catalyst, we can offer improvements for each stakeholder in an automation project.​

Operations on Autopilot

50% less maintenance,
Error Fixing and Support

30% Development and Process Improvements through standardization


Those in operations will experience a rapid reduction in the need to monitor, check and fix automations since we will ensure the operational, maintenance and support work is on autopilot. This has the immediate benefit of teams being able to focus on new, improved processes rather than upkeeping older, existing ones.
With a benchmark of having an additional 30% more development time, that is music to the ears of any developer in a COE.

Process Owners

Process owners also benefic tremendously from our services when managing and controlling their process automations.
With a full set of KPI measurements and real time metrics tracking, process owners will gain full transparency of the efficiency and effectiveness of their automations. They will be assured their processes are running strong and delivering according to their SLAs. When extended to end-to-end processes, ROI, reach and effectiveness of the processes will rise.​

Stronger Service Delivery with SLA Prioritization

Full Insights with KPI Analysis & Metrics Tracking

End-to-end Processes

Maximize Value of Current Investments

Rapis Strategic Transformation

Future Proof Automation Success.


Management will be pleased to see their investments being maximized, providing them with a futureproof way of ensuring their strategic focus on automations can be kept, scaled and maximized across the enterprise. ​
By using SmartRPA Professional Services, you are guaranteed the money, time, and effort invested into automation carries the maximum output whilst minimizing the risk of automation failure.​

Get the Most of Your Automation Estate

SmartRPA Professional Services is highly specialized in Catalyst and in advising you how to get the most out of your automation estate and taking your automations to the next level – taking advantage of the technology best suited for the job.

Want to know more about how we can help you achieve HyperAutomation?

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