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Get expert advice on how to optimize your current RPA installation and accelerate development.​

Our implementation experts can advise you on how to optimize your current RPA installation and accelerate your business development. We are specialists in the platforms Catalyst, Blue Prism, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Microsoft Power Automate and Tungsten Automation.

For each technology we are providing professional services within enablement, implementation and advisory.​
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New Project Enablement

Many organizations decide to engage SmartRPA for their first implementation – whether it is in Total Agility or RPA. Typically, in this setup SmartRPA implement the first few processes while at the same time transferring knowledge to the local team.
Many clients decide to adapt to the SmartRPA enablement guidelines to gain the most efficient knowledge transformation. ​
Duration typically 3 months ​

Best Practices Workshop

Many developers tend to forget to reinvent themselves. After several years many are stocked in old habits and methods and many of the new features within the software remains an undiscovered secret.
Get introduced to best practices and guidelines, gathered from more than 100 implementations and get introduced to the latest functionality of the software.
Best practices workshops are tailored to your needs and requirements.
Duration can vary from 1 day to a few weeks or be tailored over a period of your choice.


Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Are you lacking resources to realize the automation potential we can offer implementation consultancy.
Our expert consultants have many projects under the belt and can therefore easily familiarize themselves with existing and new processes. At SmartRPA you do not pay for training of our consultants they are already experts and have earned at least a senior consultant title.
SmartRPA guaranty a high quality of delivery – the SmartRPA Q&A methods has been developed to ensure a unified and high quality. Among others, includes a peer review of all production critical processes.
Duration can vary from a few months to years.


Our advisory stems from years of experience and knowledge in implementing, expanding and finetuning RPA platforms. We combine our in-depth knowledge of the platform in conjunction with the use of our world-renowned technology Catalyst, thereby gathering as much data as possible and achieving full transparency into the inner workings of how the entire estate is performing.
After just a single day of configuration, we can connect, monitor and analyze any and all RPA processes to gain a deep understanding of their effectiveness and productivity. We use a myriad of different metrics and data points to ensure as many aspects as possible of automations are included in the final analysis – some of these being:
Our approach provides immediate insights into how automations are operating. Not only do we provide a fully configurable, role-based dashboard for different stakeholders to access throughout the investigation, but we also provide a verifiable, audited health check report of the overall automation program. In this, we provide our report and recommendations that not only tackles the low hanging fruit that leads to instant improvements, but also a simple yet highly accurate road map to help optimize and improve automations in the long run.
We believe that a combination of our unique experience and advanced technology gives our clients the most clarity, overview and details of the status of operations. From there the entire automation program can be stabilized, focus can shift away from maintenance and high TCO and replaced with streamlined digital workers, cost effective environments and development that helps rapidly scale automations across the enterprise.

Curious what we can do to optimize your Automation Estate?

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