Custom Project Services

If you have custom needs or a new business idea around RPA our consultants are ready to help you to define your needs, create a plan and deliver a custom solution tailored for you. This type of project typically revolves around a few large processes, that you are not confident in automating on your own. The processes we automate in this fashion are often processes that are not performed today e.g. collecting data from external sources that increase your marketing intelligence. In this case, were adding value to your organization, rather than cutting costs, which can easily be done without needing to make alterations in your organizational setup.

Custom projects we have done for other customers involve:

  • Collecting and analyzing competitive information from public web sites, can even be done anonymously
  • Custom front-end to complex process across multiple departments and stake holders
  • Data cleaning and categorization, eliminate or re-categorize obsolete customer records
  • Mobile front-end to perform financial transactions in underlying legacy systems
  • Migrate all 3270 mainframe processes to employee portal
  • Front-office 360 degree customer view, assemble data for a single customer into one front-end
  • Content or data migration projects, for example when upgrading a web portal to new web content management system
  • Data reconciliation, when data is entered into one system other systems are automatically synced