Jyske Bank Logo


Jyske Bank is the second largest bank to be listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange and the largest bank in Denmark headquartered outside Copenhagen.
SmartRPA enabled Jyske Bank on its RPA journey.
DB Schenker Logo


DB Schenker is a global industry leader with more than 150 years of logistics experience. Schenker secures the flow of goods through land, air and ocean freight. ​

SmartRPA assisted DB Schenker in their automation journey.

Leo Pharma Logo


LEO Pharma is a Pharmaceutical company with a presence in about 100 countries. LEO Pharma was the first producer of penicillin in the EU and focuses on products for dermatology, thrombosis, and coagulation. ​
SmartRPA assisted LEO Pharma in their RPA selection.​
Coop Denmark logo


Coop Danmark is the leading consumer goods retailer in Denmark with retail chains such as Kvickly, SuperBrugsen, Coop, Brugsen, 365discount and

SmartRPA provided Next-level RPA professional services to Coop.

Coop Norway logo


Coop Norge is a Norwegian cooperative retailing company with more than one million members.

SmartRPA enabled Coop Norge to become self-sufficient within RPA.

Ørsted logo


Ørsted is Denmark’s biggest energy company.​ Ørsted is the world’s largest developer of offshore wind power and 90% of their energy comes from renewable resources.
SmartRPA assisted Ørsted’s Shared Service Center in Poland in managing their automation platform.
Pension Danmark Logo


PensionDanmark is one of Denmark’s largest pension companies and administers pensions for over 800,000 members. ​​ ​
SmartRPA provided Next-level RPA and enablement to Pension Denmark.
Svenska Polisen logo

Law enforcement

Svenska Polisen is one of the largest government agencies in Sweden with more than 28,500 employees. The Swedish Police’s mission is to reduce crime and increase public safety.
SmartRPA assisted Svenska Polisen in supporting their automation platform.​
Handelsbanken logo


Svenska Handelsbanken is one of the major banks in Sweden with a nationwide branch network. It is famous for its personal approach and good coverage of offices.
SmartRPA enabled Svenska Handelsbanken’s Automation Center of Excellence.
DFDS logo


DFDS is an international shipping and logistics company from 1866. DFDS is the abbreviation for Det Forenade Dampskibs-Selskab (The United Steamship Company).

SmartRPA assisted DFDS in building their Center of RPA excellence.
Danske Bank Logo


Danske Bank is a multinational banking and financial services corporation, the largest bank in Denmark, and is a major retail bank in northern Europe with over 5 million retail customers.
SmartRPA assisted Danske Bank in their RPA selection and automation journey.
BDO logo


BDO is the largest advisory and accounting firm in Denmark, with a network across 164 countries and with over 111,000 employees.

SmartRPA assisted BDO in building up their RPA advisory.

If Insurance Logo


IF is the biggest insurance company in the Nordics with 3.9 million customers and 7,300 employees. IF specializes in property insurance, and offers home, child, car, pet, and boat insurance.
SmartRPA assisted IF in their development and daily automation operations.​
Wunderman Thompson Logo


Wunderman Thompson (VML) is a global digital agency focused on branding, commerce and consumer experience. VML employs over 30,000 employees across 60+ markets.
SmartRPA assisted Wunderman in their RPA selection.
Alm Brand Logo


Alm. Brand is Denmark’s second largest insurance group and is covering a broad range of services – Alm Brand is today solo focused on insurance and leasing and has sold of their banking business.
SmartRPA assisted Alm. Brand in automating business critical processes.
Norlys logo

Energy & Telecom

Norlys is Denmark’s largest energy, internet, and telecom provider. Norlys pushes towards green energy and an improved digital infrastructure in Denmark.
SmartRPA assisted Norlys in automating their RPA across different business units.
Coor Logo

Facility Management

Coor is the leading provider of facility management services (cleaning, food offers, property maintenance, workplace design) in the Nordics, creating healthy and prosperous workplaces.
SmartRPA assisted Coor in supporting their automation platform.
Gyldendal logo


Gyldendal is the largest publishing house in Denmark, offering a wide selection of books including fiction, non-fiction, and dictionaries.
SmartRPA assisted Gyldendal in supporting their automation platform.
Wrist Shipping Supply Logo

ship supply

Wrist Ship Supply (WSS) is the world’s leading supplier of provisions at sea, with a presence in more than 30 ports.

SmartRPA assisted Wrist Ship Supply in execution of their automation strategy.

ALK logo


ALK Abello is the world leader in treatment and prevention of allergy, recognized by WHO as the only treatment that targets the cause of allergy.
SmartRPA assisted ALK in automating business critical processes.
Velux Logo


VELUX is a Danish manufacturing company specialized in roof windows, sun tunnels, window blinders and related products.
SmartRPA assisted Velux in their automation journey.
Rockwool logo


Rockwool International is the world’s leading supplier of fire resilient stone wool insulation for the construction industry.​
SmartRPA enabled Rockwool to onboard RPA in the shared service center in Malaysia.
DTU logo


DTU, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, is considered the best technological university and school of engineering in Europe.
SmartRPA is a full-service provider for RPA at DTU, The Technical University of Denmark.​
Sparekassen kronjylland logo


Sparekassen Kronjylland is the second largest savings bank in Denmark. It is the bank with most satisfied customers.
SmartRPA assisted Sparekassen Kronjylland on its automation journey by delivering Next-Level RPA professional services
Afa Försäkrin logo


Afa Försäkring is part of the collective bargaining agreement by the trade unions in Sweden. 90% of all workers are insured by Afa through their employment. Afa pays approx 32 million SEK daily in insurance benefits.
SmartRPA supported AFA in their daily automation operation.​
BEC Financial Technologies Logo

Financial Services

BEC Financial Technologies is a fintech company providing financial IT solutions for 25% of the Danish banks. ​ ​
SmartRPA implemented the full automation platform and enabled BEC to become self-sufficient.
Bankdata logo

Financial Services

BankData is one of the biggest IT developers in Denmark, delivering IT solutions for eight Danish banks with a total of 1.6 million customers.
SmartRPA implemented the full automation platform and enabled BankData to become self-sufficient
Jyske Finans Logo


Jyske Finans, owned by Jyske Bank, specializes in financing and leasing cars. They cooperate with brands such as Opel, Peugeot, and DS Automobiles.​
SmartRPA assisted Jyske Finans in building up their RPA Center of Excellence.
Eika Logo

Financial Services

Eika Gruppen, formerly Terra-Gruppen, is a strategic alliance among 50 local Norwegian banks, Eika Kerdittbank and Eika Forsikring. Participating subsidiaries share e.g., financial products and new technology.
SmartRPA assisted Eika in their RPA selection.​
Schultz logo

IT Security

Schultz Information creates smart solutions for the state, municipalities, and businesses to make society safe and well-functioning through computer and data preparation services.
SmartRPA assisted Schultz Information in optimizing their RPA setup.
Clipper Logo


Clipper Bulk is an international industry leader in shipping, specializing in dry bulk (coal, steel, logs, grains etc. Their main offices are in Houston, Copenhagen, South Africa and Hong Kong.
SmartRPA assisted Clipper Bulk in building up their RPA center of excellence.
DSV logo


DSV is a one of the world’s largest transport and logistics companies, offering global transport by road, air, sea and train.
SmartRPA enabled DSV’s automation Center of Excellence in Poland and provided Next-level RPA services to different countries throughout the world.
Scan Global Logistics Logo


Scan Global Logistics is a global full-service logistics company established in Denmark, offering tailored solutions for air, ocean, rail, and road freight across all six continents.

SmartRPA assisted Scan Global Logistics in their RPA selection.
Udviklings og forenklings styrelsen logo

IT Security

Udviklings- og Forenklingsstyrelsen (UFST) secures smooth and future-proof IT solutions for the Danish Ministry of Taxation.

SmartRPA assisted Udviklings- og Forenklingsstyrelsen in automation their RPA.​
Akzo Nobel logo

Paint & Coating

Akzo Nobel is a Dutch paint and coating supplier, active in more than 150 countries. Akzo Nobel is science-based, with a portfolio of pioneering paint brands such as Dulux, Sikkens and Interpon.
SmartRPA assisted AkzoNobel in supporting their automation platform.
SDC logo

IT Security

SDC is focused on serving its many customers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Faroe Islands with core and advanced IT automation solutions. SDC holds the most savings banks customers in the Nordics.
SmartRPA implemented the full automation platform and enabled SDC to become self-sufficient.


LEGO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of play materials. LEGO was founded in Denmark by Ole Kirk in 1932.

SmartRPA assisted LEGO with Next-Level RPA professional services.
Egmont Logo


Story House Egmont is the most famous Nordic media group. Egmont has the unique right to publish Walt Disney Comics and is a strong investor in Outnorth, Gå, and Nordisk Film to mention a few.
SmartRPA enabled Egmont’s Center of Excellence.

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