Most Insurance Companies are experiencing new customer demands at a higher expected service level while facing a very competitive market. Some processes have already been digitalized, but a lot of processes still needs to be dealt with manually with labor intensive solutions. These processes are often costly and time consuming for the individual company and does not comply with the level of service many customers expect.

SmartRPA provides Insurance Companies with a cost-effective and time-saving solution in order to improve customer service and satisfaction.

Additionally the exclusive SmartRPA Authentication Manager makes it easy to implement industry level compliance and audit reporting.

Examples of Automated Processes

Issuance of policies

Processing the issuance of new policies for onboarding customers

Automated claims processing

Speeding up the time and accuracy for a variety of cases

360° Customer View

Gather relevant information about a potential onboarding customer

Email Processing

Dispatcher-functionality for incoming mails

Competitive Research

Benchmark analysis that compares different types of insurance to one another

With the Smart RPA solution, these and many more manual processes can be automated resulting in faster processing, reductions in handling of costs and eliminations of errors. Furthermore, the automation is implemented in a short time, meaning that it will be possible to automate business cases which were formerly too expensive, all leading to higher business value.

A Return on Investment ranging from 1 to 6 months can typically be expected.

A small Danish insurance company

“Implementing robots in cooperation with SmartRPA has really benefitted our sales, general customer service and claims department. Furthermore, our employees have found more time to help the individual customer leading to a higher satisfactory among employees and a still higher service level for the customer”

A medium Danish insurance company

“We had our first robot functioning successfully in just one month. As we are now adding more robots to production, we are experiencing great interest from our whole organization. Especially our claims department have during peak periods found great use of robotics handling claims reports much faster “