The SmartRPA Kapow solution is the key to robust and scalable automation with SAP. This is because the solution can:

Locate GUI elements using robust and reusable finders/locators that are SAP aware.
Communicate using the unique and efficient SmartRPA Kapow remote desktop control protocol. This mean that development of software robots against SAP is very easy, as one can create both the automation work-flow and interact with the remote SAP application at the same time, in real-time.
For the most seamless and efficient extraction of data, SmartRPA can work with the SAP interface as XML and for example convert a user interface to a table in Excel.

Additionally if you are using the SAP web interface, the built-in webkit browser in SmartRPA Kapow can access the SAP application directly without the need to install and run SAP on a windows desktop, for superior performance and scalability.