Many companies have found that handling Back-office processes is most cost-effectively done by a dedicated Shared Service Center, often outsourced to a low-cost country. Unfortunately, this comes with a price. Results cannot be delivered faster than a human can process them, your organization loses some degree of control over its internal processes, and humans will often make errors which harms your business. RPA can dramatically change this. Software robots are capable of processing much faster than humans, do so without random errors, and deliver rapid customer response and accurate up-to-date data in your systems.

SmartRPA can assist you in automating any process which can be performed on digital data and applications and for which accurate rules can be set up. This is done without replacing any existing applications or systems. We often see that 50% or more of all processes in the shared service center can be completely or partially automated.

Processes include

    • Financial transactions
    • accounts payable
    • collections
    • checking balances
    • import of data into ERP
    • extracting financial reports
    • Customer transactions
    • money transfers
    • claims processing
    • opening or closing accounts
    • checking inventory or delivery times
    • extracting financial reports
    • HR & Payroll
    • onboarding/offboarding
    • vacation and expense handling
    • job and application management
    • Logistics
    • sourcing
    • inventory and delivery management
    • customs and VAT reporting
    • procurement processing