Most applications are moving to become web-based and companies, who are to automate manual processes with RPA, will likely have multiple processes that involve either internal or external web portals.

As the only RPA vendor on the market, SmartRPA Kapow has embedded the industry leading Webkit browser engine directly into its robot execution engine. This delivers outstanding performance and robustness and additionally eliminates the need for a software robot to access a web application through a web browser installed on a windows desktop. Instead the SmartRPA Kapow robot execution engine will access web applications directly through the internet with native HTTP/HTTPS protocols, and run embedded JavaScript directly within the embedded Webkit engine for full control of even highly dynamic web applications. Basically, SmartRPA Kapow is itself a web browser comparable to Chrome and Safari.

Robustness is also very important for automating against web applications, and here SmartRPA automatically selects hidden identifiers on a web pages to create robust automation. This can further be extended by adding anchor points and creating finders which include any combination of before, after, between, etc, relative to anchor points, images or other finders.