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“After initially running both SmartRPA Kapow and another major RPA product inhouse we wanted to settle on a single-vendor corporate RPA platform which could serve a large distributed organisation like Coop. After a thorough technical and commercial evaluation it turned out, that the SmartRPA Kapow platform technically was the best fit for a large organisation like Coop Danmark and by far had the best ROI and lowest TCO.”
– Kasper Storm, Head of Unit – Business Productivity Tools, COOP Denmark

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“SmartRPA are true experts in RPA at all levels. Their installation has been fast and easy, their training has been among the best I have ever received and their assistance with creating software robots based on the SmartRPA Kapow solution has been delivering rapid and measurable automation benefits throughout the DFDS organization”
– Michael Johansen, Team Manager IT – Freight Systems, DFDS

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“As with many other companies, Sparekassen Kronjylland was challenged when we needed to scale our RPA. The automations were complex, we were lacking insight, and the RPA licenses were expensive. To address these challenges, we licensed SmartRPA Catalyst. Today we are able to take RPA further than ever before. The SmartRPA Catalyst takes some of the complexity out of scaling a RPA environment, thus making room for focus on delivering business value.”
– Bjarke Grønberg, Solution Architect - Sparekassen Kronjylland

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“Jyske Bank started using SmartRPA Catalyst in 2017. SmartRPA Catalyst is today a central solution in our automation infrastructure, automating manual work-processes and serving as a bridge between our RPA and BPM. At Jyske Bank we take advantage of most of the automation capabilities provided by the SmartRPA Catalyst platform including security, orchestration and management. In short, we let SmartRPA Catalyst automate our RPA automation.”
– Henning Nørremose Paulsen - Senior Arkitekt – Jyske Bank
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”We found that SmartRPA with their Authentication and Audit Trail management capabilities, could satisfy the strict security and compliance requirements of supplying a single RPA platform in a multi tenant environment. Additionally we favored a platform where robot’s can be service enabled so we have the ability to add new functionality to our employee portal quick and with no coding. SmartRPA Kapow’s REST feature enables us to do just that.”
– Development Manager, Financial Institution
“In the selection of the best RPA platform for us, we have done an in-depth comparison of the vendors in the market. We have selected SmartRPA as our world-wide RPA supplier because we found SmartRPA Kapow delivers the most scalable and robust RPA solution on the market. Additionally the SmartRPA add-on modules to the Kofax Kapow product has enabled their solution to meet our strict compliance, security and international governance requirements”
– Business Decision for RPA at major Scandinavian Bank
“We have now worked with the SmartRPA Kapow RPA platform for 3 months. The easiness of robot development and deployment has proven to be so good that temporary students hired over the summer have been up to full productivity after just one week of training and this mean we are already well ahead of our RPA implementation schedule.”
– Head of RPA Initiative, Financial Institution